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Asia Yacht Agency is based on the tropical island paradise of Phuket, Thailand – for good reason. Aside from being one of the world’s great yachting ports and destinations, it is ideally situated to reach out to the entire yachting region.

Asia Yacht Agency is an experienced and highly professional yacht management specialist. Contact us to discuss having AYA manage your yacht. We believe you’ll appreciate what we have to offer you.

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Our huge selection of yachts and destinations around Southeast Asia
allow you to have precisely the type of sailing experience you wish


Thank you so much for giving us the most amazing boat to end our honeymoon! your staff is so kind and friendly. we will be back!

- Princess V39

This was the most amazing experience in my entire life. Everyone of the crew were extraordinary  helpful, kind and skilled in every way. We hope to come back real soon and would love to have all of you with us!

- Princess S65

We have such a great time! Thank you for your wonderful service. staffs are so friendly.  

- Mayavee

Thank you so much for the wonderful day!!  We enjoyed it very much. See you again next year!

- Riva 70'

We really enjoyed our time here and the service were just great thank you so much…we would come back again for sure.

- Uncle Joss

we had the most amazing time on the boat! monkeys, smooth sailing, delicious snacks.  snorkeling. clear blue waters – all thanks to the best host.

- Bluefin

We had the BEST time! Beautiful island, great crew, and awesome boat.  

- Bluefin

Thank you to Rose, Tick and L for an amazing trip! We loved seeing the Phi Phi Island with you guys, and are so grateful for the very  personated and exceptional experience. Hope we can return soon to visit again!  

- Uncle Joss

what an amazing day on the Uncle Joss ! Best crew, beautiful people,  beautiful nature. Thank you so much!!!

- Uncle Joss

Thankyou so much for the best day!  Great trip and amazing staff . Thanks Rose for the rose wine…

- Riva 70'

Celebrating our beautiful honeymoon on Uncle Joss ! We Love our crew!! From Texas USA.. We Love Rose

- Uncle Joss

We had a great time. the crew was amazing!!  Thank you very much for a great trip! Thank you.

- Riva70'

We had a great time. the crew was amazing!!

- Bluefin

Thank you so much for the beautiful day! we enjoyed every moment.

- Atlantis 50'

We had the most amazing day!! thank you so much for great service. hope to see you again soon. love from USA.

- Bluefin

It was a wonderful trip. Service was so good the team was good too.

- Mayavee

Thank you for a fun day out Your crew was kind+ helpful & great experience!!

- Crownline27'

what on amazing day! we had the best time lovely boat grate service !

- Mayavee

We had an amazing experience! The boat crew was very nice and accommodating. We felt right at home on our vacation. Thank You! We will be back!

- Bluefin

Lovely and Fantastic trip lovely!

- Bluefin

WOW! What an amazing experience and what an amazing and unforgettable service. We all really love everything, the beautiful boat, the beaches (Phi Phi Island) And Nuch was the BEST. She really make all even more special. Thank you and hope see you soon. Wow love it

- Uncle Joss

Rose, Yah, and Captain. Thank you – Absolutely beautiful, thank you!

- Adamo

Thank for a wonderful. Fun, Sunny day! See you again soon

- Uncle Joss

I’m so happy today. The boat is very nice. We have so much fun and so happy Service is very good. Thank you, Polly.

- Sunbird 80'

Thank you for everthing.it was amazing Thanks for good memories ☺ you are the best!! Very nice staff and amazing boat all Recommendation!

- Mayavee

Thank you Captain and crew. Come to Hong Kong!

- Lady Kathryn

Thank you , it was a great trip- We love Thailand-Awesome crew! Mexico.

- Cherrie Pie-Cobalt 26'

We had a very nice time. Captain made a nice tour-Crew took good care of us.Greetings from Holland and China.

- Princess 60' - Mayavee

Thank you so much for the beautiful day. We hope to be able to come back soon- Thank you again for your kindness. Spain.

- Sunbird 80' - Lady Kathryn

I was very happy. This is the best service i have ever got.Beautiful food, very tasty.Very exciting trip.Best day of our trip.Superb yacht. Japan.

- Princess 60 - Mayavee

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